How to Be/Stay More Positive in 6 (more) ways - Part 2

June 16, 2017
A few days ago, I posted an article on How to Be/Stay More Positive in 6 ways - Part one, and I promised a Part two so here it is! I wanna keep this straight to the point so the intro won't be too long, but make sure to check the Part one of this article, to get more tips and tricks!

1.Do something with your love ones

Weather it's your family, your friends or a significant other spending time with your loved ones can definitely help with staying positive (You need to have a healthy relationship with the people in order for this to work). I personally tend to isolate myself when I'm feeling down put having people around, helping you back up when you are feeling down, helps A LOT! This is a another great alternative to distract yourself from negative thoughts.
(See tip 3.Do something you love and 4. Feed yourself  in How to Be/Stay More Positive in 6 ways - Part 1)

2. Help someone else

Giving is always better than receiving, and when giving to someone you receive so much more than you think. You receive a new experience, this sense of accomplishment and/or even the ability to make someone joyful! I really advise you to take part in charity in your community, or just do simple every day thing ex: giving away clothing to shelters or thrifted stores. Doing charity will definitely give you another perceptive on life!

3. Get inspired

One of the biggest parts of my life is art, with social media new and different concepts, art, work, photography etc. is so accessible to the public and all of that can make you inspired. Looking trough other style of art work and try to connect with different forms of art really keeps my mind going and changed my perceptive on different concept or just life in general. I really recommend you guys to listen to new music, go to an art museum, get into an art it really helps to be more calm and have an overall more positive attitude. I might be a little bias on this point but I truly believe that the arts have a lot beneficial properties.

4. Participate in something new

Getting into a new activity is so awesome, weather it's a school activity or a local activity in your hometown. Not only it helps you meet other people, see different sides of your city, but the best thing about this is that you can develop new abilities or even find a passion for something different. It also helps to change scenery and get different vibes. This can be hard if you are afraid to jump into something new, because it's an unknown world, but bringing a friend will give you a confident boost and help you stay positive trough out the experience.

5. It's all about your attitude

Baby, trust me your attitude dictates a lot of things in your life. I really can be first one to tell you,

you could have the most positive circle of friends, have the most amazing life. If you don't change your attitude you won't have a permanent positive. Of course, changing your attitude towards life situations are in fact easier said than done but it is a crucial aspect to being more positive.

6.Make it your own!

I might be contradicting my article as a hole, but the most important thing to remember is that, positive in your own to built. Some of the thing I have listed in these article (part 1-2) might not even work for you, and it's okay to change things up for your situation and your own personal needs

Remember that this is a journey, and it's for you to do an retrospective every step of the way in order to grow in a positive manner.

Love from the Burn

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