How to Be/Stay More Positive in 6 ways - Part 1

June 13, 2017
No one, likes to feel say if there is a dark cloud over their heads, following them about most likely this dark cloud comes from the lack of positivism, in ones life.

Everyone thrive to big things in life, and one thing I believe in deeply is that we receive the energy we send out to the world, therefore the best way to have a positive life, is to be positive right? But it is not always easy to do.

Over the years my self, I have struggle with keeping a positive mindset at all time, life is hard guys! A lot of my life experience have affected my mood and my mindset in certain circumstances. Over the past few years or so I have learn how to master the art of positivism and wanted to share my tips to you!

1.Cut the negativity

This might seem obvious, but it really needs to be said. When I say cut the negativity I mean people or activities or even object with negative connotation/memories. This is definitely hard but it's honestly the biggest relief one can have. Often times, theses people or objects can weight you down from your potential and even your happiness. Once you cut the negative aspects of your life, it really feels as if a weight is lifted off your shoulders!

2. Don't look at others, focus on yourself

Again this is something that seem obvious, but everyone needs that friendly reminder. It's very important to focus on yourself so if you are in school, you are doing a sport, performing an art, focus on that These days, especially with social media, people tend to compare themselves to others and lose focus of themselves. But like them we only post what we are comfortable share and displaying to the world. Sometimes it's necessary to disconnect with all of these platform in order to reconnect with yourselves!

3.Do something you love

This is so important, doing something you love and care about, will distract you from these negative thoughts you might be having. It's a great way to excise your passion and stay connected with the things you love and stay connected with yourself!

4. Feed yourself 

You know that saying : "You are what you eat" well this is also applicable in your day to day life, when feeding you mind good, positive and uplifting substances that will translate in your mindset. Therefore, feed yourself positive thoughts, weather it's with music inspiring/positive podcast, a book, a televised shows etc. There is so many ways to feed yourself positive thoughts! This is also a great method to distract yourself from negative thoughts and connect with yourself!

5. Celebrate the small things / Gratitude

Well sometimes people don't always see the effort we are making in a day to day life to overcome our fear, issues etc., this is why I urge you to celebrate these small victories! It can be as small as getting a good grade in your math test, celebrate by treating yourself this will encourage you to do and be better. I personally also like to celebrate the good in my life in order to show gratitude for the things I already have and should be thankful for.

6.Take care of yourself

One of my biggest life mottoes is : "Feeling good is looking good" and one of the best way to feel good is to take of yourself. I have already touched in ways to take care of yourselves mentally, but it is equally important to take of yourselves physically. So make sure to do a facial once in a while, drink lots of water and eat healthier, this will for sure help you feel better in the long run.

Guys, remember your body is a temple, therefore feeding garage will only make you feel like garbage! I hope this was constructive and you have learned some new tricks!

A part two of this will be coming your way very soon!

Love from the Burn

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