The first time I encountered racism | A story-time

August 01, 2017
Well, I guess you all had it coming, for anyone who knows me, you definitely know that I'm against all thing racism, racial prejudice etc. I live in Canada and people seem to think that there isn't any type of racism, racial prejudice or even racist tendencies. Well, guess what there is! Maybe not as much as other parts of the world but it is something that is very much real.

This article will be a little bit longer but I'm truly trying to give all the facts of the story!


Even if I was very much young, I definitely still remember that day. I was about 6-7 yrs, I was living in Montreal and in the neighborhood, I was living in there was not many black people. My family and I have been living in this duplex like home. We were living on the bottom half of the house and the people living on the top half of the house consisted of the father of the house, with his two sons and woman who was the girlfriend of one of the sons and their daughter. This family is Caucasian, all the people living in the house were pretty grown in the exception to their daughter which was about 2 to 3 years younger than me. 

To put you in context, the two people in this family who seemed to be more prejudiced, or at least to have more hatred towards us where the father and one of his son (Let's call him sonA), the other son was friendlier (sonB) he would greet us, my family never really had any problem with him. As for the girlfriend, I don't remember having many encounters with her or with any of my family members for that matter.

The father and sonA, was quite passive aggressive, I remember coming back from school or from church with my family and seeing their head through the windows of their home watching us going into our house. Sometimes they would physically come out of their home and watch us come in our home, whenever that would happen my parents would greet them politely, they never or rarely did the same, instead, they would often just insult us under their breath and give us these very nasty looks. I always asked my parents why they were so nice to them when they clearly didn't like us, and they always told me that the way they feel about us shouldn't dictate the way we treat them and that we should treat them with respect and be nice to them.


One summer evening, I was home with my siblings and my mom's friend came over to study with my mom. My mom had to leave in the middle of their study session to drop my dad off to work because the other car had a problem. Now be very attentive about what I'm about to say, no one who was in the house, that is me, my brother, my sister and my mom's friend was sick in any type of way.

Within 30-45 mins, my mom came back home, has she opened the door all the kids, including me that were in the house begin to cough. My siblings and I started to puke, and my mom's friend felt lightheaded. As you can imagine my mom was very confused has to why everyone was fine and perfectly healthy less than an hour ago, so she called the police. 

A few mins later, they were there they told us to evacuate our home. They searched our house and ask questions to the neighbors that lived on top of us (the only one who was home was the girlfriend). Both my mom and my mom's friend and a feeling that the neighbors had something to do with what had happened. The girlfriend was very defensive when my mom and the police addressed her, I remember being quite far from them but because the girlfriend was very heated I could hear her scream that her partner didn't have anything to do with it.

Because there wasn't a way to know what truly happened unless someone confessed the police left and simply made a report what had happened and what was said by both parties


A couple of years later (maybe 2-3yrs) the couple had separated and all of the men in the house left and the only person you live in the house was the girlfriend and her daughter.

One day while we were in our backyard my mom, my siblings and I, the girlfriend came up to my mom and started talking to her, I was close enough to hear most of the conversation. She said that her ex-boyfriend had sprayed CAYENNE PEPPER SPRAY all over our doors because he had a deep hatred for us because of our skin color, she also said that his brother and her self had multiple arguments about his behavior and the way he was talking about us.


This was long compared to the other articles I have published but I want to be transparent and give out as many details as I remember of this experience!

Disclaimer: This is a story explained in my point of view I tried to be as objective as I can and only give you the facts!

Love from the Burn


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