Why are you so obsessed with my skin complexion?

August 01, 2017
So, growing up people always had this weird obsession with describing my skin tone to me, which to me is pretty strange. I mean why would you want to tell ME how my skin looks like to YOU? Most of the time, I was always compared to anything edible, people would say I got that caramel like skin complexion, or they would say I have that ice latte skin color, the list goes on. I never realized how weird it is for someone to compare me to food.

The more I got into social media, the more I saw how women of color are sexualized and described as edible things (especially darker women) and that definitely normalized it for me, I thought to myself that it's normal and common or even on trend, even if hearing it made me uncomfortable. It was almost as if a woman of color is only appealing because of the fact that she can easily be compared to food if that makes any sense.

I mean let's be real, how many time have you hear a Caucasian woman being described as a vanilla goddess or ice queen? I don't know about you but I NEVER EVER did.

I feel like in the media, the woman of color is often be sexualized and compared to food food. I do think that people that do make these comparisons come from a place of fetish. I personally think that it is even more real with women with much more melanin!

I remember I was browsing Youtube, one day, and I came across this video that this white guy posted explaining why he "loved" black woman. And I kid you not almost half of this video was him describing or body and comparing it to edible things... He mentioned how the black woman of renown for their curvy body and he would compare a black woman's ass to watermelon and compare our skin complexion to chocolate, I could go on.  As a black woman watching this I felt extremely uncomfortable, I do believe this guy came from an innocent place, but he came from a very fetish place and made me feel almost like an object... 

I do enjoy these comments on my melanin do not get me wrong, but I'm not something you can eat or even sexualize...


I honestly wanted to put my two cents out there about this topic, I don't know if I am the only one who felt this way hopefully not because we can all discuss this and give our opinions on this!

Disclaimer: This is my opinion explained in my point of view

Love from the Burn

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