Chronicle of a former tennis player

September 04, 2017

During the summer, me and my friend we went over to this tennis court in our neighborhood and we came face to face to a tennis camp for these kids. We ask the coach if we could borrow a part of the court to take pictures. This was such a fun day, I talked to the tennis coach and he shared with me a part of his journey as a tennis player and how he became a coach. I shared with him that I used to be a tennis player and that I haven't played in over 4 years. We invited us to play with the kids and my friend had the chance to play for the first time of her life. We play this adorable kid who kept throwing shade my way because I sucked at playing tennis since I haven't played in so so so long.

Overall, it was a fun nostalgic day.

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You can find the pictures from our shoot down below 

Love from the Burn

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