Introducing Luxi Mgmt

October 18, 2017

Holla, it's the Burn, today I get to finally introduce to you (officially) Luxi Mgmt! I had the chance to jump on this journey with the crew and be a part of this family! We are finally presenting this project to you guys, and I get to bring this project to you with this exclusive article.

Luxi Mgmt is a management company focusing on showcasing creatives, such as models, photographers, videographers, designers/brands, singers, rappers, bloggers, influencers and much more. We want to change and expand the fashion/entertainment industry in the beautiful city of Ottawa.

Luxi Mathi
Founder of Luxi Mgmt
The management was created by Luxi Mathi a beautiful, young, boss lady who wanted to generate a change in the industry as she saw many creatives with amazing talent that needed that extra push to bring their craft and brand to the next level. We want to connect different creatives in order to collaborate with each other and establish strong work relations as well as new friendships.

With the team that we have, we are able to create influencers/brand ambassadors part of an exclusive community, in order to expand their network and their brand. Luxi Mgmgt is looking to grow influencer-brand relations as well as relations between the fashion/entertainment industries in Canada.

Lastly, the Luxi Mgmt team promotes brand and events. We want to be the primordial choice when in need of a promotional team as we are able to offer unique services. With us being able to provide an all-inclusive promotional team, with photographers, videographers, models (when needed) and spokesperson (influencers).

I just wanted to say thank you all so much for the love you have been giving the team since we announced the project on social media, We have been working super hard to bring this dope project to you and we are happy to see everyone engage! With that being said we will have a launch party very soon so be on the lookout for that. 

Stay connected with the team! 

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Love from the Burn



Anonymous said...

Let's get it!! Can't wait :D

kingberniee said...

Much love !! <33

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