The blue door

October 01, 2017
Hey everyone, The Burn in da building! Since we are experiencing some colder breeze these days I thought I would bring back the warm weather, plus I am feeling a little bit under the weather so it's the best excuse to present to you a throwback from a summer photoshoot.

When summer started I started taking walks because it was so beautiful outside and that's when I discovered this huge vibrant blue door and it inspired me so much.

A few days later, one of my friends showed me these dope blue pants, from Top Teen, she found in a thrift store (we love to share our thrift finds). They gave me extreme old hip-hop vibes, early '00 vibes.We were both so inspired we HAD to shoot with these pants as it matched the backdrop perfectly.

I wanted to keep the old school vibes the Top Teen pants and the vibrant colour from the blue door gave me, down to the editing. I added a polaroid frame and the titled it one of Tupac's song and movie inspired by his life story "All eyes on me".

My friend decided to style me up for the shoot, she paired the pants with an orange sports bra and we went out and shoot. A lot of people love the shoot and I love shooting with my friend. She is probably the person I love shooting with the most.

In short, this was a fun day, we both love creating visuals and explore our creativity.

You can find the pictures from our shoot down below - Check out my Instagram  for more content

Love from the Burn

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Edits by me

Edits by me

Edits by me

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