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October 29, 2017

Hey, everyone, I'm back with another one, today I will be introducing to you a new accessory brand who just launched yesterday, on Saturday 28th. I wanted to present this brand to you because I am such an advocate for young local creatives, black own brands and I truly believe in the power of entrepreneurship. 

VIICCE is a Canadian luxury accessories brand, who saw the light of day in Ottawa, created in by
Jonathan Catulusi, a young man who wanted to be in style with the help of a couple of accessories to enhance his outfits. His guilty pleasure was to always look good, hence why he name the company VIICCE. Unfortunately, he couldn't find the perfect jewellery, there was always an inconvenience whether it be the price, the style or the weight, Jonathan couldn't find something that his heart truly desired and that he could pair with every outfit he could come with. So he took it upon himself to create something that represented him, his city as well as other young people like him looking to be in style without burning down their wallets.

Santorini by VIICCE
VIICCE is made of unisex pieces, inspired by the hip-hop culture, contemporary arts, Chinese designers and Ancient Greece. All of the pieces are beautiful, unique, simple and yet still elegant, the company evokes all of these qualities throughout their collection. The pieces can be worn anytime, anywhere as they are the perfect element to tie an outfit together, whether it is for school or a night out. VIICCE definitely proves that elegance and luxury are not only for the elite and his attainable for anyone from a student, to an artist or even a person working in the corporate world.

This luxury brand fulfils the need of elegance and being your best true self. This brand is for anyone who is looking to be in style, while still getting a product of quality and that is affordable. VIICCE is made with real gold, stainless steel & bras all their material holds colour for a very long time and is lightweight. The jewels are made with the PVD plating Method (Physical Vapor Deposition) which ensure the durability of the material, it is the highest plating available on the market.

We will be able to see way more of Viicce, the website is now launched and you will be able to get your very own pieces as of today. The pieces will also be available in Zargara located in the Byward Market (Ottawa), in mid-November, so be on the lookout for that! Of course, the collection will expand and there will be more accessories available, such as watches and rings, in the near future, more details will come in mid-November.

I had such a fun time discussing with Jonathan about this brand and what it means to him, I can't wait to see the changes and the influence this brand brings to the Canadian Fashion scene. Make sure to check out their social media as well as their website for more information!

Love from the Burn


All the pictures of the product are taken by the talented @OSMOCAPTURE

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