Let's Create :The Unseen

November 15, 2017

Hey everyone, today is all about an upcoming photo exhibition ''Let's Create: The Unseen'' by the talented artist, photographer Odunsi Oladimeji (@oladimeg). The exhibition will take place at The Sussex Contemporary on November 19th from 7pm to 10pm.
Odunsi Oladimeg is an artist based in the capital of Canada, he discovered photography in 2015 has he needed a way to decompress, he feels in love with the art of taking photos and has been on a journey with his camera ever since. He creates visuals with a very minimal perspective. His work has led him to work with various models and brands. He also has been featured in magazines such as Shifter Magazine and Street Dreams (Issue 09).

November 19th marks his first art exhibition and he is presenting to us a very creative concept inviting the audience to pay attention to details instead of focusing on the subjects faces by aesthetically hiding them with objects, shadows or with poses. Showing us that although a photo says a thousand words, there are many different way to see or understand the messages a photo portrays.

Although he is still growing his art and looking for better ways to express himself using photography, his advice to any upcoming artist like himself is to keep creating and take every opportunity like it's the last one.

I can't wait to witness his future accomplishment and his growth as an artist. Down below you will find pictures of his work. You can also catch his visuals on Instagram.

Odunsi shows us that there is more to a portrait than the physical or facial beauty of the subject, there is also beauty in the mood, surroundings, poses etc. He hopes the audience looks beyond the physical and connect with the other aspects of a picture.

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