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November 20, 2017
Hey kids, the burn here today I wanted to share with you some of my favourite creatives in Ottawa! These people have inspired me so so much in terms of my own craft with the content they put out.

I am such an advocate for local creatives and I will never stress enough how important it is to support our very own, not only I am a part of that community of creatives but I also consume others arts and crafts. It is also important for me to highlight local artists because we have such amazing talent that still needs to be discovered! I hope all of the featured creators feel inspired and encourage by this, to keep creating and to keep sharing their content with the world!

Kerbens Boisette (@therealkerbens)

Kerbens is a young content creator; he shares his photography via Instagram; he has such an eye for details and just looking at his work you can tell he takes his time on his picture to make it look the best he can! You can feel the passion and love from each picture he captures! He also has a Youtube channel that I love and watch religiously, though his channel we can see the personality of the man who freezes moments in time. His channel always puts a smile on my face or just straight up makes me die of laughter.

NotThatSrs (@momatedad - @tasteystace - @_lygie )

These lovely girls have a collaborative Youtube channel mainly focused on fashion, they have a unique style. Each of these girls slays their outfits by mixing street style grunge and 90's.They truly remind why I fell in love with fashion in the first place and remind to always have fun with my own personal style and to experiment with fashion. Thought their style they show us there isn't a right or wrong answer there is only you expressing your true authentic self.

Pip Puveendran (@pippuveendran)

Pip is an amazing model and content creator, he is hilarious and so friendly. He modelled for many brands and walked on many runways, he is also a published model and he is one the faces of FixMen, a professional hair care brand for men. He also has this dope Youtube channel that always makes my day and gives me a great laugh. He has super creative content on his channel, I always find myself asking,"how did he think of this?(Lol).

Nyakhan Reath (@yourgurlnini)

Nyakhan is this beautiful Sudanese model, I discovered her via Instagram. I think she is absolutely brilliant she always S-L-A-Y-S her shoots, she knows her angles and looks so comfortable a front of the camera. She has beautiful skin, traits and I love seeing dark skin woman modelling, it offers so much representation for people that can see themselves in a model like Nyakhan!

Jonathan Gx Chen (@jon_shakeitoff)

Jonathan is a model and influencer; he has worked with many campaigns internationally and walk for many local designers. He recently was modelling for a brand in Milan in Italy wich is bassically the Capital of Fashion, I don't know about you but I think that's pretty dope! And thought his Instagram I feel like I'm travelling and discovering the world with him. I love seeing him doing his thing and growing his platform on an international level.

Dija Couli (@woahdij)

Dija is the definition of the cool girl; she is truly a multitalented artist. Not only she is a model, she writes and is a performing artist (spoken word and dancer)! She exudes confidence and black girl magic when she is afront of the camera. She modelled for many photographers and local brands. She often graces us with her poems by posting them on her Instagram and it really makes you think and the subject she aborts. You can also catch her at many local events, performing her spoken word pieces. Aside from all of these amazing qualities, I love her personal style.

King Hector Jr (@kinghectorjr)

Hector is the CEO and creative director of We Are Kings (@_wearekings), an award winning brand. His company holds the tittle of "2017 Menswear Designer of the Year". What I love about him is his attention to details and the fact that he creates his own rules when it comes to fashion, not only on his designs featured on the runaway but also in his personal style. I love that he uses fashion to tell stories about the African culture and shows African culture can be chic, elegant and luxurious. He has a beautiful message that he portrays throughout his brand "We are Kings and Queens in our own rights", I think is truly beautiful. Thought his craft he reminds me, as an aspiring designer to push the boundaries and expectation, the fashion world forces on us.

Jerushah Wright (@jerushahwright)

Fun fact: I remember seeing her downtown with a group of friends and we thought she was so beautiful, a couple of weeks later I saw her modelling for the Zargara in his season 5, how the world is small. Jerushah is beautiful model, who assumes her curves and rocks short hair like it no one else can. Her beautiful eyes and amazing face structure set her apart. Aside from modelling for brands and photographers she also does music, she graces us with her beautiful voice on Instagram and sings us some tunes.

Arnold Hamisi (@giftedvisions)

Arnold is this A-M-A-Z-I-N-G photographer, who shares his talent on Instagram. The way the lighting hits his subjects, his attention to details, and his editing skills are all reasons to love and appreciate his work. Not only he has the eyes for photography, but he can also spit some bars, he is part of this dope Christian rap trio, called the Throne Seekers (@throneseekers), that I love and have been listing to for a while, since I discovered them.

Nouha Julienne (@nouhajulienne)

Nouha has many titles under her belt is a model, a makeup artist, brand ambassador and an influencer. She is a gem afront of the camera and can make magic with makeup brushes. She offers freelance makeup services (@makeupbynouha) for weddings and special events. She worked on many projects with other artists like photographers and companies, as a model but also as the main makeup artist.

Of course, these are just a few people, that inspire me through the content they put out, there are obviously a lot more people that inspire me. But I wanted to show appreciation for a couple of these people because I admire their work and them as individuals! They all remind me why I create and share my content out there!

I know I will see these people on the big screen, magazines, billboard or the masterminds behind some amazing campaigns. I hope this will give inspire them to create and I hope this article let's them know that their work and content doesn't go unnoticed.

Love from the Burn


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