November 08, 2017
Hey, kids, I'm back at it again with a quick little post, on this shoot I had during the summer. This one wasn't really planned,  but is probably one of my favourite shoots so far. 

I found these pants in my brothers' closet that he hasn't worn in so long, so now I claim them as mine (hahaha) and I paired them with this thrifted leather jacket I got the day of (my love for thrifting is unreal) and I paired it with a top the resemble the texture of leather. I wanted to wear something out the box to explore my creativity in terms of styling. And that's what I did. These are individually all items I would wear but never together.

A few mins before me and my brother decided to go take some pictures I took out the bottom part of the top, it had a flowy see-through type of fabric, that made the top look very feminine. I wanted the top to match the texture of my leather jacket. This was a totally impulsive action and honestly, I'm kind of glad I did that.

I also played with this scarf that had such a cute zebra looking pattern. These types of scarves can be used as a belt, a hair accessory, around the neck or even tied on your leg or arm to add something fun to a basic outfit.

My brother knew about this dope underground parking lot. Part of the parking had a white fluorescent lighting that reflected on the leather jacket perfectly and brought out the accents in the jacket and shirt, it gave the pictures a green-ish undertone which gave the pictures so much personality. Some part of the parking lot had this orange light, I usually stay away from these types of lighting but it made it look very mysterious.

Shout out to my lil' brother for hooking me up with these pictures. He usually takes the worst pictures of me whilst I always take bangers of him. He definitely did me right this time lol.

You can find the pictures from our shoot down below - Check out my Instagram for more content

Love from the Burn

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