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December 29, 2017
Hey y'all, we all know 2017 is coming to an end and because of that, I wanted to share some of my favourite things of 2017, these are things that marked me for all the right reasons, whether it is because it sparked conversations in my entourage, or it inspired me, or even because it gave me a good laugh, these are all things I love about this year. So let's take a look back at the best moments of 2017 (according to you girl).


Insecure is a dram/comedy aired on HBO and written by the talented Issae Rae, the story follows two female protagonists, in their late 20's who have been best friends since college. They are exploring who they are through relationships, friendships and their career. I love this show because. Insecure explore many underlined issues on race, gender, and a lot of other taboo subjects. The show also portrays a more relatable version of people of colour, which helps me and other viewers, to see a little of our selves on the big screen. Not only this show is "woke" but it is funny and oh so relatable! I can't wait for the upcoming 3rd season to aired!

She's gotta have it

She's gotta have it, is a comedy-drama Netflix tv series, created by the iconic filmmaker

Spike Lee based on his first film "She's gotta have it". The series explores the adventure of a young Brooklyn-based artist by the name Nola Darling, she is trying to find herself and portray it through her art. I love this show because we see a woman expressing herself and being in total control of her sexuality, not only that the show is beautifully made cinematographically but the show also has an amazing soundtrack that is relevant to the story! Lastly, I love how to show tackles many everyday issues that woman face, such as sexual assault, body image issues and what is the true female form.

Syre - Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith introduced the world with this masterpiece in November and I have been jamming and listening to this album on repeat constantly for weeks now! I just love how unique this album is it a mix of Electronic, Contemporary, R&B, Alternative and Hip Hop and somehow Jaden made it work! I think this album is very impressive especially for a debut album because I feel like Jaden created his own lane with this album. I think everyone should take a listen to see what the misunderstood Jaden Christopher Syre Smith is all about.

Girls Trip

Girls trip of course had to be on my list, it was an epic movie featuring Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith, Regina Hall and Tiffany Haddish. The movie is about an old group of college best friend who parted ways with each other and decided to reconnect with a trip to New Orleans to the annual Essence Festival. The movie was so funny and so touching, it was just refreshing to see a movie where WOC aren't stereotyped or heavily sexualized, it was just a group of friends going on a trip together, and bringing out the crazy and the best in each other.

Take a knee movement

This movement had a lot of attention this year, both negative and positive, but the true meaning of this is what makes this movement so beautiful to me. The movement started by a pro football player by the name of Collin Kaepernick who decided to use his platform to shine light on the issue of police brutality and racial injustice in the United States by kneeling during the national anthem. Although this movement started in the United States, it became a subject of conversation all around the world. I think it is important to talk about the issues that we have as a society in hopes to change for the better


It was about time for victims of sexual abuse to have a platform and to feel like they are being heard and not alone. Not only this movement sparked conversation within our selves but it allowed many people (man and woman) to start questioning themselves on whether or not certain of their words or action are making another person feel unsafe. I hope these are conversations that we will still be for the years to come.

Of course there is so many great things that where part of 2017 that I enjoyed, I hope you guys discovered some new things.

Also I have been getting many article request recently, so if you guys have a subject you guys want me to write about don't be a stranger and contact me!

Love from the Burn


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