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December 28, 2018
Instagram: @kingberniee
Anyone who knows me knows that I love the process of Instagram, getting ready, taking pictures, editing and finally posting them to me is just another way that I can be creative and I  can express myself without doing much talking. It also has been a platform where I have had the chance to meet some incredibly inspiring people. Instagram has been an amazing tool to get inspired and to share content for those reasons, this platform has been my go-to social media outlet.

With all those positive, I realized there have been some negative aspects that come with the usage of this platform. The main one is comparing my self with others. I lost myself in building this perfect looking feed and portraying this perfect image of myself that I started nitpicking everything about my pictures and would restrain myself from sharing some content on my page because I wasn't comfortable with the internet seeing me out of that very specific light that I spend so much time to create for myself.

This summer I went through something that made me incredibly self-conscious and within seconds I was back to being this insecure little girl that I once was, this situation affected me so much that I started isolating myself and I ''ghosted'' on the people around me and wouldn't let them know about what was the root in my change of attitude. But still, I continued to post on my Instagram and acted as if everything was fine. I really had difficulty to write and create any sort of content because of everything that was going on. But I had to tell myself that social media isn't going to help me get better and the virtual world that I created for myself is only going to be as good as I want it to be.

So I went through my following and filtered every single person who wasn't serving a specific purpose in my life, or who wasn't inspiring me and if I needed to block them I did just that. I also stop questioning myself on what I should and shouldn't post. I had to remind myself that this is MY Instagram and it is run by no other than me. Therefore I will post as I please, and will not delete pictures because someone slid in my dm with a negative comment or projecting their own insecurities on me. It came to a point where I didn't want to post pictures because I didn't want to seem too extra, I minimized myself and something I enjoyed because some people felt some type of way about my content.

Instagram: @kingberniee
Even after all that I wasn't satisfied, I had to tell myself that the best aesthetic isn't a VSCO filter but
being real is! Which made me come to this conclusion, all the people that have inspired me with their online presence, all have one thing in common: They are authentic and real and post whatever the hell they want. Whether it is a cringe dancing video, a no-makeup selfie or a funny ass meme that only their friends will understand. Every single one of them shows me that they aren't one dimensional and there is way more to them than a Lightroom preset and the perfect story layout.

SO, in the name of authenticity, I promised myself to practice that every day, with others, online but
most importantly myself. I encourage everyone reading this be authentic and to stop comparing yourself to others. I promise you, we are all the same, we have highs and lows and we are all looking to live life for all it can be. It isn't easy, I catch myself falling back into that comparison trap, but I always remind myself of the bigger picture and remind myself of the person I am looking to become.

Finally, I just wanted to highlight two beautiful and amazing women from Ottawa, who both inspire me so much with their content: Cassie Evenhen is a lifestyle blogger and a mental health advocate, you can find her on Instagram and on her blog! Check her out she is very uplifting and makes me think about how I can improve my mental health on a daily! Melissa Mui is a food blogger, I love her positivity and her eagerness to try different things, you can find her on Instagram, stay tuned for some cool content from her, word on the street is she will be launching a blog soon, but you didn't hear it from me ;).

With Love 

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