I tried taking pictures like Alissa Ashley

January 19, 2019
Instagram: @alissa.ashley
Anyone who knows me or follows me on social media knows how much I LOVE Alissa Ashley, she is beautiful and extremely talented. For those don't know who she is, she is a Youtuber and makeup influencer, but what really sets her apart is her photography skills. With no formal training, her passion for visuals and imagery lead her to become a self-taught photographer, which is why we all get to enjoy her amazing editorial looking self-portraits. 

I have mentioned in previous articles my love for Instagram and its process which lead me to find innovative ways to take pictures. Okay, innovative might be a big word, but nonetheless, I think that the techniques I use to take and edit pictures are pretty cool. Recently I have been trying to figure out a new way to take photos because I was getting bored of my process and I found, THE TRUTH. I think one day I will explain my method in details but to make it short, I found a way to use the back camera of my phone and monitor the camera screen on my laptop in order to see myself. If you tried taking pictures by yourself using your back camera you can testify to the struggle of taking pictures, this is why this method has been a not only a life saver but a time saver!

While taking those picture I was looking at Alissa Ashley Instagram and I was so inspired to try my best to replicate in my own her pictures and I think they came out pretty good. (Below will be the pictures that I took)

With Love

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Instagram: @kingberniee

Instagram: @kingberniee

Instagram: @kingberniee

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