Boundaries in friendship... why is it important?

I know it has been a hot min since you guys have had any sign of life from me and I apologize, creating content isn't easy and being consistent is even harder! Creatives know exactly what I'm talking about!

I also have been on this weird place mentally because I have been put under a lot of stress and pressure, some days I'm better at dealing with it all, others not so much. With that being said I am extremely grateful for everything, the good days and the bad days, all of them are simply lessons!

On that note, I wanted to share what I have learned since I last left you guys. Recently I have been having a hard time discerning my place in the lives of some people I care about that do me more (unintentional) harm than good. Mostly, because our energies and our level of consciousness aren't aligned. People grow, some faster than others which creates often times a gap between two people, that is something that I have realized with a lot of people around me.

Those past few years of my life have been dedicated to bettering myself mentally, emotionally and spiritually by working on raising my vibrational frequency, my growth has been to a lot of people a source of guidance and because of that a lot of my friends seek me for advice. 

Unfortunately, in my desire to help others with their trauma, I have not realized how carrying the emotional labour of someone else's trauma can be detrimental to me. Energy is transmitted and although part of being a friend is contributing to the betterment of the person you hold a friendship with by giving support and help, this can never (and I can not stress enough) ever be a reason to let that be detrimental to you (mentally, emotionally, and spiritually).

Conversations about friendship and where to draw boundaries are important and should be normalized.

During this awkward time for me, one of my good friends sent me a post that read as followed:

Today's card - Every sensitive person has a choice to do the work of learning to discern the difference between feeling deeply for others and feeling responsible for them. Others wounds are not yours, though it can feel that way. Empathy without boundaries is more like codependency.

And to be quite honest with you guys, those words changed my life and the way I perceive friendships. I am now learning about boundaries, what those are for me and the relationship I carry with the person, why are they important to me but more importantly how can I communicate those boundaries to the other person in the most healthy possible way.

Those are still things I am working on because I still have a hard time with setting boundaries, especially communicating them to others but what can I say I am a constant work in progress, a rose who never stops blooming.

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