''Forget about people sleeping on you. Why are you sleeping on yourself?''

You know what baffles me the most... I learn the biggest lessons in the smallest and most simple things in life. I attribute this quality to my sense of observation and my undying need to practice self-awareness.

Like you guys probably know by now, I have been going through this crazy change in my life, especially mentally and spiritually, and I have been doing this intentionally to take control of my own growth, to ensure my growth isn't caused by circumstances. This allows me to not only do things with intentions but also, to let my growth be at my desired pace.

A couple weeks ago, I went to church and the pastor was preaching about fighting for your destiny, this entire message definitely triggered me to change my life but there was something that he said that I can't get out of my head: ''Forget about people sleeping on you. Why are you sleeping on yourself?''. To be honest with you guys when he said this, I thought: Damn that's a word! But it didn't hit me the way it was supposed to until recently.

My friend and I met up to record a podcast episode (yes y'all I have a podcast - Ears to the Ground)
and before that, we decided to go take pictures outside. I told her how I felt uncomfortable taking full body or outfit pictures because I feel so awkward and she was pretty surprised by my confession. I took pictures of her and she looked bomb (like always) and she took some pictures of me and it was one of the first time that I actually loved my full body pictures.

My body has been changing those past two years, I grew some hips, thighs and some ass. Perhaps I never truly felt confident in my (new) body or maybe I just created this image of what my body looks like in my head which prevented me to believe that it could be photographed and look good (whatever that even means).

All of that to say, that I really was sleeping on myself which caused me to stop myself from doing things simple things such as taking full body pictures.

Before you even think about how others perceive you, I want you to think about - how do you see yourself?

I know this sounds hella shallow because it's just a few pictures that are going to end up on my Instagram feed, however, I'm talking about this in the grand scheme of things. We often talk about how we are our biggest enemy and how the only person who can stop us is ourselves and that is so true, in my opinion. But we also seem to forget that those mantras aren't only applicable in the big things in our lives, like finally starting the business you have been scared to for years, but it can be as simple and small as taking a picture.

Think about it are you really living in your truth if you aren't living it even in the smallest ways.

This article was supposed to be up a long time ago but I got caught up in so many things, I'm glad I didn't post it until now. Because I've had the time to learn that, I might not have been living in my truth to the fullest... I have been performing ''living in my truth'' maybe for others, maybe to convince my ego.

Bottom line is - Is it worth to do all the grandiose things, like staring a podcast or starting a blog if I can't be truthful in the small things, the ones the world doesn't get to see. True change start from the smallest things.

So... forget about people sleeping on you. Why are you sleeping on yourself?

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