What I think about Instagram removing the like counter


Let's get right into this. It has been just a few days since Instagram officially changed their 10-year long tradition: the like counter!

In case you live under a rock, Instagram announced recently their plans to remove the like counts in order for users to enjoy the app by simply posting content rather than paying attention to numbers. 

Honestly, it's interesting that an app has not only been at the foundation to whether or not we should be validated (by others) in order to be allowed to be confident, but it also has become a place where we constantly compare ourselves and look down on people with a certain amount of engagement or look up to them.

I feel as though being happy about such an update, although understandable really puts into perceptive the way we interact with social media and how our interaction can be potentially toxic. 

This update, especially puts into perceptive the whole self-love culture that has been marketed and capitalized on social media... If we love ourselves that much why do we seek validation from numbers (likes, comments, followers ect.)? We spent day and night on this app preaching about loving ourselves, mental health and other shit but still, we only feel validated when we have an x amount of likes. 

We have idealized and romanticized social media (Instagram in particular) to believe it is a good thing (which it can be) but isn't monogamous to its positivity. In other words, we aren't being real with ourselves in terms of the *potential* it has to be toxic. (My [recovered] self, included.)

What I mean by '' the potential it has to be toxic'' is that Instagram and the like counter isn't the problem and removing the feature isn't the true solution to our low-self esteem, comparing ourselves with others and everything ''wrong'' with social media. 

The issue, in my most humble opinion, is the way we interact with social media. For years I have heard and seen people talk about the toxic effect on social media and how it affects people (young people in particular), which to me is counter-productive if we are going to omit the important element in this equation; that is we are all direct representation of our world today and social media is only a tool to projecting it's true face. 

So the question we should ask shouldn't be: Would I feel less self-conscious, envious, anxious, shameful etc if Instagram hides the number of likes I have received? But it should be: Why do I feel those things? Why are likes so important? Why does it bother me so much that I haven't received x amount of likes? Why do I rely on social media to me built confidence and self-love? 

I hope you answered those questions (with sincerity) because I'm sure most of you will realize that you have some underline self-esteem issues, (not judging you). I just don't believe this feature is going to help anyone because trust me those insecurities will find other ways to jump the fuck out.

For myself, I went to a through changes with my body with a visible weight gain, for that time period,
without even realizing I stop not only posting but taking full body pictures and convinced myself that I just wasn't photogenic and that my body was awkward (that's clearly not an issue). Tell me how literally most girls I followed on social media had completely different bodies than me and I started envying and feeling that I couldn't wear certain things or colours because my body didn't look like them.

I am not ashamed to admit that my insecurities jumped out! Instagram wasn't the issue but rather the way I interacted with the app. I have learned to be more conscious and aware of the way I interact with social media, and if that means unfollowing, muting or/and blocking people on social media or taking a lil hiatus, I will do just that!

Bottom line is Instagram was, is and won't ever that deep, hop off your phone for a second and practice actual self-care\self-love. The reality is this internet sphere isn't real, so don't let it become your reality.

Since we are on the topic - Follow me on Instagram and don't forget to like all my posts! (I'm being semi-sarcastic lol)

Also, this article was inspired by an article I read recently about the same subject written by one of my bloggers at the moment @sealnationn. Make sure to check it out here! Muah!

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