Like mentioned in my previous post, I have been experimenting with styling & creative direction and I have been creating looks and imageries by using people as muses to bring life to my ideas. This has sparked a new love for fashion has I have allowed myself to explore it on my own terms and get inspired by the things that I have learned in life. 

I have decided to create a ''Portfolio'' serie, here, on my blog where I will be featuring some of my styling work, creative direction and fashion design work! This is meant to practice showing my work and be proud of what I create!

Today I am introducing to you this look titled ''Contrast'' 

Shout out to my muse, Sandra (@nejenje_) for landing me her body and time in order to give life to my ideas! While you are at it check out her blog!

Also, the art that she is showcasing in the pictures is made by her! I know I have some talented ass friends! You can check out her art page on Instagram!

(All pictures are taken and edited by me)

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