Damat Tween VIP Opening Launch Event at Rideau Center


I had the pleasure to attend Damat Tween's VIP Opening Event for their first flagship store in all of Canada this past August 24th. The event was crowed by local bloggers, influencers, photographers, videographers and even Ottawa's mayor, Jim Watson, we all had an exclusive look at this European modern designed store on the third floor of the Cadillac Fairview Rideau mall.

DAMAT TWEEN is a luxury men's fashion brand, focused on creating modern styles with high-quality fabrics since 1986, brought to Canada by NEXTRUE, a global investment family-owned firm providing a wide range of direct investments and investments platforms and looking to turn ideas into products.

The luxury brand has been marketed by none other than Luxi Management, a worldwide fashion marketing management established in Ottawa.

The companies are planning to expand the brand all over Canada in the other Cadillac Fairview Malls starting from Ottawa and then to Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver in the upcoming years.

DAMAT has stepped into the ready-to-wear sector since 1986, known as “consumer’s favourite menswear brand” because of their modern styles with high-quality fabrics and elegant designs.


I was pleased with the aesthetics of the store, it is very bright definitely reminded me of a European city, it is different from the usual grey\brown luxury men's store that we are all used to! In terms of clothing, as a designer, I can attest that the clothing is high quality, it is soft and stylish

And to top it all off the staff working at the store are all hard-working and welcoming people!

I was pleased to be there a meet new people in the industry and see the success and the new beginnings of the companies involved!

Before heading to the event I worked backstage along with amazing models, a photographer (@mashaellphotography) and a videographer (@bnwamissi) to create dope visuals for Damat Tween as well as the sophisticated bridal dress designer Zarucci and makeup artists\hairastylist, @glambysts.

If you haven't had the chance already I highly recommend checking out the store!

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