I'm back!

I started this blog, in 2017 but for years prior, I have been obsessed with blogs. I have watched tv shows about girls who had a blog and would use it as their own personal diary, I watched videos about the life of bloggers all over the world, researching about all the little details of maintaining a blog and creating content for it. And in 2017 after constantly writing, deleting and rewriting blog posts that never saw the light of day, I said to myself "Fuck it" and I launched my blog.

Instagram - Luxi Mathi
That year was one of my prime years, I was doing a co-op at Luxi Management a Fashion Marketing Management created by Luxi Mathi who I met at a fashion show where we worked backstage. I now see her as a mentor, friend and a big sister. Working with her taught me so much about myself and who I am today, and I am grateful that I get to still work with her and the team over at Luxi Management.

Through my time with the management and as a new "content creator", I have met people with drive, passion, vision and just love for what they do and I got to see them going from the literal bottom, where no one was checking for them, to the TOP! It has been such a beautiful thing to witness, however, it made me realize that although I possess all the quality they had and more, I also was/am full of fear and I have/am operating from of a place of fear, and they consistently didn't.

I took a big step out of my comfort zone when started this journey as a "content creator", I am now much more mature and experienced, and I have realized that my fears have been my biggest downfall. From turning down opportunities for not feeling good enough for them to creating content that I didn't post because "what if no one likes it?".

Working and meeting people who are just fearlessly creating made me built up some courage and quite honestly some balls but most importantly made me learn to value my work, my content and myself.

Instagram - @kingberniee
I have been on a long-ass journey and the content I was showing to the world didn't reflect my growth
as a person and who I have become. So, today consider this a reintroduction of myself, this platform and a celebration of new beginnings:

Hi, my name is Bernie and I am here to create, the type of shit that rocks someone's world. I want this platform to be a reflection myself even if it leaves me feeling naked a front of everyone. I want this platform to be a place to connect with one another!

I know that anyone who ever interacted with me will say that I am a very confident person and although that is very true, I have struggled to be confident and proud of the content I produce as I am constantly criticizing myself. I know I am talented and I see the world differently than others do but the content I create has always been an insecurity of mine because as soon as it's out into the world it doesn't feel like mine anymore...

To wrap this up, I just want to say to every single content creator that pours into their work, all of themselves I commend your courage because it's something I have struggled to do and I'm finally ready to operate from a purer side of myself.

To new beginnings!

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