Introducing Ears to the Ground

For as long as I could remember I've always secretly wanted my own talk show, growing up I loved watching talk shows a lot more than fictional tv shows, unlike the other kids my age. From Dr. Phil to The Wendy Show, I loved the interaction they had with their audience and guests.

And then I discovered podcasts, and I fell in absolute love. I spent much time listening to podcasts about relationships, love, friendship, social issues etc. I would send my favourite episode to my friends so we could discuss the episode. And I thought to myself - I have so many amazing conversations with my friends about those same things and more.

''What if I create my own podcast?''

I made some research about the logistic of it all, recorded some test episode and found a name that I thought suited the content I created and Ears to the Ground Podcast as we know today was created! Slowly but surely this platform allowed me to create conversations with my friends and the listeners.

The podcast is meant to create and to participate in the hard conversation we have in our society, in a safe environment. Each episode is made with honesty, awkwardness, love and realness, and each episode is full of anecdotes, lessons, questions and answers and sometimes questions who are still unanswered.

On the podcast, I discuss modern relationships, dating, friendships, spirituality, womanhood, blackness and everything else that concerns me as an individual.

I have so much more to learn about podcasting and putting my thoughts out in the universe. But for now, if you want to check out the podcast, it is available on various platforms.

In the meantime get familiar with the podcast by listening to the latest episode!

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