Jean Bleu

This is the third and last part of my styling serie using a white cropped with oversized sleeve inspired by the bell sleeves, designed and made by me. Shout out to those who realized that I created this serie around this shirt as I don't recall mentioning it.

I am proud of the work I have created and I am looking to get better at my crafts, from visuals to styling I want to become better.

Today I am introducing to you this look titled ''Jean Bleu'' french for Blue Jeans

Shout out to my muse, Sandra (@nejenje_) for landing me her body and time in order to give life to my ideas! While you are at it check out her blog!

Also, I want to show my gratitude for those who took their time to show love and support for this little serie. 

I have been very doubtful of my work and didn't feel like anything I am creating is worth to be seen by the world, so this love means a lot!

(All pictures/video are taken and edited by me)

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