Sadie (Fashion Video Editorial)

This video titled Sadie is the official conclusion of my three-part serie that I have been blogging about for the past few weeks! 

I had a hard time creating this video because I wanted it to be this amazing perfect video and I stressed about it because of my perfectionist ass. 

But one day I was like you know what? F this I will just go with the flow and it came out like this! I still see some mistakes and things that I could have done better because I am extremely critical of my work but I am very happy with the outcome. 

Moral of the story when you are putting pressure on yourself to achieve perfection you end up not having fun and being disappointed, just enjoy the process!

All my future styling work is to be found on my Instagram

Again my muse is Sandra (@nejenje_) the art showcased is by her as well (her art account is @nejeart) and the pictures\video\styling is by me (duhhh) 

Music - Sadie by Welfare

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