Introducing - A New Segment!

Hey, y'all I just wanted to quickly hop on here in order to introduce a new segment on my blog. I have been very intentional lately about what exactly I want to discuss on here ever since I started the rebranding process of my blog. 

If you are a content creator I'm sure you are familiar with the pressure of focusing on one niche, and the truth is, I have never been one to be fit one box and even the idea of calling myself a fashion blogger or a beauty blogger makes me cringe. I am and I have always been an individual that is multidimensional and that is (and will always be) translated to the content that I create.

I love fashion, beauty, makeup and the things that are considered superficial because it's part of my aesthetics and MY way to express myself...

However, I have much more to offer.

This is why I decided to create a segment here on this blog titled ''My diary'' it's meant for me to share things that are beyond fashion and beauty, from giving advice, sharing stories and just speaking on my experiences. This will hopefully give you guys a better understanding of who I am and it will give me an opportunity to be more vulnerable and just WRITE! 

Honestly, I don't want to get on my laptop and feel like I HAVE to speak about fashion and how I styled this shirt, or whatever lipstick I love at the moment. 

I am looking forward to this new segment and I hope you are too.

Finally, I want to thank you guys for the support you have shown me thus far I appreciate the love always!

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