Zargara Presents ''BE YOUR OWN KIND''

Ottawa has always been filled with amazing talents and creatives for years, we are now slowly and loudly, might I say, breaking out of our shell in order to gain recognization for our work on bigger platforms. A perfect example of that is Amir Zargara, for years now he has been building a brand, Zaraga Label, that has taken Ottawa fashion and art scene by storm. His impact has been so big it has reached beyond Ottawa and he has been able to make noise, touring, in Cannes (France), New York and Los Angelos (USA). 

Welcoming over 300 guests, from all over Ottawa, at the Mayfair Theatre, the 613 was the last stop of his international tour for his award-winning short film titled ''Be Your Own Kind'', the night of the 22nd of September, which I had to pleasure (like always) to attend.

A Zargara's History Visual Preview played on the screen, showcasing all the year Zargara has been up and running, from the start to present-day giving us all the nostalgic feels. 

We were then introduced to the world premiere of two trailers for the short films of Canadian base creative, first of ''ZOO'' a short-film, written and directed by Will Niava following with the trailer of ''Forgive Me Father'' written and directed by Fitch Jean. Both movies are expected to be released next year.

The audience finally got the ''Be Your Own Kind'' experience, a short film directed by Amir Zargara the story explores the world of a young man (Alee Abozmal) meeting a woman (Clea Morin) with an abusive past their love story turns sour when she meets a man  (Thobo Mathodi) who brings her back to her dark past. 

The night ended with an after-party over at Black Squirrel celebrating the success of Amir, his team, his brand and the city he continuously represents anywhere he goes.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the success of the creation of ''Be Your Own Kind''. 

"Be Your Own Kind" from Zargara on Vimeo.
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