You guys know, if you have been keeping up with the blog, the challenge I have had with self-doubt and how it has affected the way I go about content creation since I have re-branded and relaunched this blog, I have made it my mission to work through this feeling. Hence why I have been having this F IT attitude and just go with my gut without allowing myself to overthink things

For a while, I have had this idea to do some commissions work and give fashion services to other people, I just haven't felt the confidence to actually put myself out there all while expecting\demanding to get paid for the services and/or products that I would provide. 

I just always thought that it was crazy that anyone would want to pay me for the things that I never saw as talent... 

A couple months ago, I had the opportunity to work as a creative director with an artist looking to expand their brand and dive into fashion (I can't say much right now but in time I will discuss it in more details), this opportunity was referred by someone who felt like I have an eye for fashion and styling. Which (duh!) to anyone, it would make sense for me to have an eye for those things especially considering that I study fashion design, but again, self-doubt and imposter syndrome is a hell of a drug

Anywho, after exchanging emails, I got to meet up with the artist in question, she decided that she wanted to work with me. During our first meeting for our brainstorm, the ideas were just floating. I just had such a clear vision and she seemed impressed by my ideas and the way that I approached the content we have been creating whilst still encouraging her to be true to her brand.

This collaboration really gave me confidence, because having someone with such talent that has been monetizing on the content they create, validate my own talent really uplifted me. I went home and I decided to create an account where I would pretty much post my fashion stuff, not even realizing that I had created this page months ago. I just never had the confidence and the guts to share and post and let people know about the content that I want to create. 

So today, I introduce to you guys French4Gracious, the name comes from my middle name ''Gracieuse'' which is literally French for ''Gracious''. I think it's a cool name and represents a part of who I am. 

French4Gracious is a lifestyle brand, that provides creative direction, styling services and art\fashion commissions.

Soon enough, you guys will be able to book my services and I will provide more details, it's a new journey for me and I am excited to share this with you guys!

All this to say that just go for whatever makes your heart happy, life is too short for us to worry about what others think. 

I talk about this more in detail on my podcast Ears to the Ground, so check this out.

With Love,

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