How to Introduce Colours in Your Wardrobe

I think you all should know by now, that fashion is and has been my first love for a very long time now. I always wanted to introduce little fashion tips and tricks onto my blog but I never knew in what format I wanted to do this. Now that I am more focused on content creation rather than the idea of perfectionism, I have realized that it's best that I just write. Anyways, I digress. 

The point of this blog post today is to introduce to you all how I go about incorporating colours in my wardrobe

I have a pretty simple style, I mostly wear black and neutral colours with simple shapes (yes I am one of those people) I focus mostly on creating monochromatic looks or playing with textures and layers which explains why I shy away from colours. I have tried to go for bright colours but it is way out of my comfort zone, and I always end up purchasing black and neutral pieces of clothing.

However in honour of getting out of my comfort zone (slowly but surely) and exploring my brighter and more colorful side of myself and translating those parts of myself in my personal style, the other day I actively tried my best to add colours to one of my staples and go-to chic outfit. 

I paired this simple black deep v-neck romper with an elastic waistband, with a baby blue mock-turtle neck, a cute little Louis Vuitton bag and finally those lovely yellow heels. 

The black romper being my statement pieces helped create a colour block and allow from my outfit to be colourful without being too ''in your face'' or too try-hard.

Anyways I hope you guys had some inspiration through this little post! (Pictures below)

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