The People You Know by TheRealKerbens

This Thursday, I had the pleasure to attend the photography exhibition titled ''THE PEOPLE YOU KNOW'' hosted by Kerbens Boisette, in the SAW Gallery.

Kerbens, also known as therealkerbensis a Haitian born and Canadian raised artist who has grown his medium, over the years to become the artist that he is now, a multidisciplinary photographer, specializing in portraits, lifestyle and commercial shoot

I've have been following Kerbens for years now and I have always admired his work as a photographer as well as his other ventures, may that be the events he curates (The Aftermath Exhibition) or his Youtube channelSo, of course, when I heard about this event he has been working on for the past year, I had to come and see what it was all about.

''The People You Know'' encourages the viewers to acknowledge life in struggles, by reconsidering the traditional definitions we may have of beauty. Challenging perceptions of what we think as normal.

I wasn't disappointed by what I saw and I knew my expectations would be exceeded

Congratulations Kerbens on crossing off yet another goal of yours! Thank you for inspiring and creating. As creatives, we might often think that things we create are ''just'' images, videos, clothes etc.

But YOU invite people to think, lay and feel proud of the person they are (becoming), that's I how felt looking at the images in the exhibition.  

To many more.

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