My Microneeddling Experience at Ivonne Sanchez Beauty

I have struggled with acne ever since puberty knocked on my door. For some puberty was a blessing but for me, it came with horrible inconsistent skin. I went through periods of time where I have had little to no acne and other times, my skin has been filled with breakouts.
Pictures from the state of my skin in late 2018

As you guys can imagine, my skin had been one of my biggest insecurity growing up and although my skin is a lot better I still have a lot of acne scarring from old acne, however, acne scarring isn't my only skin concern. Big pores, textured skin, uneven skin texture and blackheads are all some of my skin concerns and the things that I try to combat when I shop for skincare.

Thankfully this past Friday, I had the chance to be invited by Ivonne Sanchez for a (gifted) microneedling session at Ivonne Sanchez Beauty

Ivonne Sanchez Beauty located in downtown Ottawa

Microneedling is a medical facial meant to repair and improve skin concerns such as acne, hyperpigmentation, fine lines wrinkles etc. The procedure is done by using a hand-held device, containing thin needles that puncture the skin in order to help your skin produce more collagen and elastin

I know, it sounds scary... well that's what I thought when I first heard about it, regardless I am glad I did it because it definitely isn't as scary as I thought!

I came into the most beautiful and instagramable beauty clinic, it smelled good and they had music playing in the background! I mention this because I believe when you go to do a procedure like this, it is important to feel comfortable, and expect to enter a clean and welcoming space, all things that Ivonne Sanches Beauty is all about. 

As I was laying down I saw the products and device that Ivonne planned to use on my skin laid out in the open, carefully wrapped and protected for sanitary reasons. This made me feel less intimidated by the procedure. 

Throughout the procedure, she went in detail about all the things she put in my face and told me what was the purpose of each of the products used. The products were mainly used to prep my skin by cleansing and disinfecting my skin to prevent infections. (Read in more detail about what to expect in a microneedling treatment here)

Throughout the procedure, she also made sure to be gentle and ask about my skin concerns. Before we knew it, my skin was getting numbed, for about 15 minutes and I was ready to start!

Numbing cream on the skin before the procedure

Okay, when I first heard the sound of the device I was caught of guard and that's when the nerve came in, but Ivonne reassured me it was just the sound of the device, that I was numb and I would not feel any pain. Of course, she was right, It wasn't a painful procedure, I just felt pressure on my skin (in a slightly satisfying way). 

The whole procedure was about 1 hour.  When we finish my face was slightly red, and she gave me a hyaluronic acid solution from AnteAge to use daily on my skin for aftercare (which was also used on my skin during the microneedling to help the device glide on my skin).

My skin with the hyaluronic acid on, right after the procedure (which is why the pinpoint bleeding is still visible)

After the microneedling session, I had some pinpoint bleeding which she wiped off and applied a solution that was meant to protect my skin until I got home. I experienced tightness to my skin and some dryness. My skin also got redder as the day went on. I wasn't worried at all about that because Ivonne explained to me what to expect following the procedure.

My skin 1 hr after the procedure 

I will update you guys promptly about the results of this procedure, I just wanted to give you guys a rundown of my microneedling experience.

At first, I was hesitant and a little bit scared because I expected things to be a lot more intense than they actually were. I thought it was going to take an internity to do, that it was going to hurt and that my face was going to be scary red but none of those things were true for me. 

For those who are interested in Ivonne Sanchez Beauty check out their website and Instagram. This beauty clinic based in Ottawa also provides many different procedures such as microbladding, lip tattoo, lash extensions etc.

Thank you Ivonne for taking such good care of me!

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