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It has been months since I have sat down to write on here; school, my laptop breaking (still broken along with my heart), feeling uninspired and writing but not feeling like it was worth to post, all have been the contributors to my long hiatus. I would say probably the main reason, is the changes that I have been going through.

I've been rediscovering and reinventing myself for the past two years now. 

Challenges after challenges, after challenges. It has taken quite a bit of time to feel a sense of agency over the person that I am (becoming) today. I'm still feeling like I am floating and nothing feels certain. Obviously feeling uncertainty doesn't help in a time where we are going through what seems to be a pre-apocalyptic event. 

Somehow in the midst of the world literally pausing has allowed me to breathe

I know this statement comes with privileges that many don't have as I am not worried to be sick or to be find homeless and/or all the unfortunate things that have been happening to many people around the world. 

However, this fast pace life, that the capitalist umbrella has conditioned us to follow, quite honestly has been messing with me. 

For quite some times now, I have been resetting my brain and unsubscribing myself to the western world societal norms, which has been triggering a lot of questions, often without answers, about the meaning of life, love and everything else in between.

It has also triggered a need to explore how I can mirror the growth and the reinvention that I've been going through into the content that I share with the world. I don't know what this means and how it reflect in the things that I create but for now expect change and more transparency. 

Happy Earth day 

With love 

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