5 Outfits Styling My Favourite Yellow Heels

Today, I am styling outfits based on my favorite yellow pumps. Many of you, may know by now that fashion is my first (and only) love, not only do I enjoy styling others and helping people shop for a new wardrobe. But, I also enjoy designing, I am mentioning this because the last outfit seen on the video (Scroll down to watch) is designed and completely made by me. So it only makes sense for me to include more fashion related content on my platforms. 

As you guys may have notice, I love monochromatic looks, I think pairing different shades of the same color (ex: neutral) is always chic! Pairing any monochromatic outfit with a contrasting show or even an harmonious colors is always a win in my book. People who have a hard time with pairing different colors, referring to the color theory will help!

Earlier, I mentioned that my last outfit shown in the video was designed and made by me, well here are some background on those pieces; They both have have been designed a little over two years ago, for two different collections. 

The white top is part of my first ever mini collection, and was the first time I had sewn pretty much anything and that's when my learning process began (around 2016-17)  as a seamstress, since I was my first time making the clothes. It was definitely very stressful to know that the clothes were to be presented at a fashion show but it gave me the boost to not give up and try my best to make my vision come through. The black skirt is a part of the second collection I made, and pretty much the second body of work I have made, it was very challenging to sew as I was sewing with velvet and fur but I'm proud of the way it all came out being, I was constantly looking for ways to perfect my craft.

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