The Story behind 'Solo' a Three-part Fashion Editorial

This Fashion Editorial is the very first that I acted as a stylist and creative director, ever since I have been into fashion I have focused on desiging. As time when on and as I was exploring the multiple side of fashion, I found myself to be very attracted to visuals, the styling, the makeup, the set design ect, all of it just made me curious and wanted to explore and see if I could come up with visuals that can impact others the way other's work have impacted me.

 As someone who has always designed from a young age, it only made sense for me to use this cropped bell sleeve shirt that I designed and made in order to experiement with styling.I created three different looks model by my  friend Sandra and with a little preparation I was  able to create this three part editorial shot on an iPhone 6s.

Part 1: Contrast
I was inspired by one of Sandra's painting for this look and came up this monochromatic white look which created contrast with the red on the lip, the green from the scenery and the melanin from her skin. I decided we should play with the sleeves to create dimension in the composition of the photo.

Blue Jeans
For this I was inspired by by the street wear from recent fashion week, one thing I have always love is layering clothes so I came up my take on the Canadian tuxedo and  I decided to play with the way certain items are traditionally worn on an everyday basis.

This look is inspired by both Meg Thee Stallion and Lil Nas X, both of these artist have been very popular in mainstream music and came with a different aesthetic that isn't often associated with rappers - The cowgirl/cowboy look. With this look my intention was to have the belts and the sleeves be the statement piece in the look.

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