Kids mimicking Adults (A visual story)

While in quarantine my desire for creating has been even more prominent. However, with little resources it seems almost impossible to create beautiful imagery, I challenged myself to produce content with what I had at home and decided to create images using my little sister as my muse to tell a story evoking how much kids get influenced by adults.

My little sister is always forever mimicking me (and my other siblings) from taking my clothes to hiding in my room putting makeup on or begging me to wear my jewelry & even taking selfies trying to copy my facial expressions hahaha.

Not only, she inspired me to create this visual story but she always reminds me of the importance of representation, growing up in Quebec I never saw women who looked like me and my environment and I longed for that for a very long time.

With the rise of social media, many discussions around the representation of minorities have been occurring and I also want to be part of the conversation hence why I created this story.

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