The Story behind 'Romance in Red' an Editorial Campaign for Nesy Nou

Over the summer, I had the great pleasure to be the creative director for 'Romance in Red', an editorial campaign shot by Sarah Mills from IllumaCreative and modelled by Yasmine, Yvonne, Christina and Sandrine, for Ottawa local fashion brand Nesy Nou. With these visuals, we wanted to capture different 'Divine feminine energies' to show womanhood through a different lens, as it is often explored through the eyes of the man, in fashion and elsewhere.

This project is meant to give agency to us, women, in order to define what 'Divine feminine energy' is to us hence why it was important to have an all-women set.

Nesy Nou is a local fashion brand founded by Nesrine El-Hassan, her brand is a reminder of the uniqueness that we all carry and that we should embrace. Nesrine believes that fashion can command a presence, paint a picture or recall a time, with that in mind she creates the designs that compose of Nesy Nou.

While brainstorming for the shoot, I was stuck on the idea that we are all multidimensional and often society discourages us to tap into all the sides of us. The women who have all inspired me through my girlhood and now have all gracefully tapped into and embrace all sides of themselves.  For that reason, each of our muses embodied different energy that encompasses what I believe to be divine feminine energy.

Meet Yasmine our 'Retro Queen
She is defined as a fun-loving spirit who has a hard shell and will only come out of it when she finally trusts you but the side that comes out is true. She is also very feminine and has a killer smize.

Meet Yvonne our 'Lolita'
She is defined as a passionate and determined spirit. She knows what she wants and isn't afraid to ask or fight for what she wants. She is cute but don't confuse that as a weakness.

Meet Christina our 'Medusa'
She is defined as having a divine aura, she creates things with intuition and is always tapped into her spirituality. She embodies sexiness without even trying, although being soft if angered she will turn into stones

Meet Sandrine our 'Spice'
She is defined as being nonchalant in the sense that she doesn't let what people think of her affect her and makes sure to always be two steps ahead of you. She embodies simplicity and minimalism. 

Creating alongside people who only want to capture what Nesrine and I envisioned all while staying true to themselves was refreshing and inspiring. It made me think about how different and multidimensional we all are, as well as how I would define, what 'Divine feminine energy' is to me. Pump Magazine published our editorial and selected one of our pictures for the cover of the October Issue, we were also this month's Editor choice. 

I am grateful that this project is my first ever magazine publication, not because of the cover or being Editor choice because it was a project that explored womanhood through the lens of women.

Watch the video below to get the 'Romance in Red' experience.
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