My Story

My creative journey started with designing at the age of 11-12 years old, I spent hours with my pen and various notebooks creating pieces that reflected the way I felt and who I wanted to be. My interest in fashion design led me to eventually start working backstage at local fashion events, photoshoots with various industry professional. In August 2020, I started a Public Relation internship, with Nesy Nou, a local fashion brand. This experience allowed me to sharpen my skills, learn new ones and discover parts of myself. My work has since been published in various publications and I have worked with many creatives and trusted industry professionals.

Throughout my journey I have explore various forms of art such as writing, paint, fashion etc. that I use to tell stories and to explore deeper the things I observe from the people I interact with. When I am not on set, I work on different creatives endeavors including; 'The Moving Art Gallery' a women-led platform focused on highlighting women and black artists from different mediums. I am also the co-host of 'The Fashion Faux Pas Podcast' along with Yasmine Isaya; through our platform we have honest conversation about the fashion industry.