a resume of my journey


My name is Bernie Gracieuse, also known as KINGBERNIEE on the internet. Born in Haiti, raised in Canada - I am a thinker, a maker, a daydreamer, someone who rejects the idea of titles because I love the idea of [re]creating myself, everyday - some call my kin 'artist' but I have a love-hate relationship with the term. I have always been drawn to art but it changed me in 2011 after going through a series of traumatic events; art became a way for me to find a sense of self and create my own reality. I spent hours with a pen, a notebook and ideas - designing clothes and writing stories that reflected the way I felt and who I wanted to be. As years went on I dabbled in a variety of mediums.

My interest in fashion design eventually led me to start working backstage at local fashion events and photoshoots with various industry professionals. Throughout the years I've learned about my craft and found different ways to explore fashion - I developed my illustration skills, learned how to sew, tried pattern making, writing fashion articles and creating content. In 2020 I decided to put my all into my long time love and finally adopted the title Art Director and Fashion Stylist, since then, I've organically grown in the fashion and creative industry and my styling and written work has been published in various publications. This, all while working with many creatives that I admire on projects that mean the world to me.

When I am not on set, I work on different creatives endeavors including; We Are Complex Kids - A semi-luxury fashion brand creating genderless fashion (projected to launch in the fall of 2022). I am also the co-host of The Fashion Faux Pas Podcast, accompanied by Yasmine Isaya, my co-host, where we candidly discuss topics around the fashion industry.

In my journey, thus far, I have found parts of my being through various medium such as fashion, words and digital media. These mediums have resonated in my life in such a beautiful, meaningful ways and has allowed me to express and process my desires, thoughts and feelings - thus putting pieces of myself together in order to be[com]ing the art itself. My intentions is to create a series of artwork that speaks to my truth, and that will, hopefully, encourage others to live in their truth - regardless of what that looks like. Today I live by my life motto 'ART AND LOVE, OVER FEARS' it reminds me that the thing we do best as human is to love and create and the most significant decision we can make is to choose those things rather than fear.

a few moments captured doing the things I love