My Story

photo by magali fillion

Hello my name is Bernie

I am a published fashion stylist, creative director and content creator based in Ottawa, Canada. I officially started my journey with fashion by sketching clothes, at the tender age of 11 years old. Fashion has since been a way for me to narrate stories I discover as I navigate the world around me. Turning to art has helped me stay sane, during the hardship that came my way over the years, it's always been me, my pencil and a piece of paper - against the world.

This craft that started off as being an escape to my reality quickly became an extension of myself. I spent hours focused on sketching, creating and putting ideas down on paper. Quickly enough, the people around me started referring to me as a 'designer' - I never thought this was a possible career choice. I did my research and discovered designers such as Coco Chanel and Jean-Paul Gaultier. Since then, I have been convinced that I meant to create using the art of fashion story-telling.

Fashion illustration of two women wearing striped inspired designs

How it all started...

In 2020, I spent much of my time reflecting and challenging the doubts and fears that have stopped me from pursuing fashion despite having the desire for it. I accepted an internship with local designer brand, Nesy Nou, this opportunity lead me to lend my first ever magazine publication in Pump Magazine.

Our editorial 'Romance in Red' was also the editor's choice along with the front cover. This helped me built the confidence to pursue fashion with all my heart.

Pump Lifestyle Magazine cover, three women are posing

My Content Creation Side

During the pandemic, I took an interest in content creation and started creating content to show a different side of myself and to encourage visual minorities (black women specifically) to use fashion and beauty as a tool of self-exploration. I have grown my online community, connected with other creators and got the opportunity to work with multiple international and local brands.

The Start of my Youtube Channel

Youtube has been a way for me to document my journey. This channel has been bridging the gap between the fashion professional and the digital creator and allows me to share my journey with others. I hope my experiences can be a representation of what can happen when you put 'Art and Love over Fears, Always'.

“Art and Love over Fears, Always”