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À échelle humaine sur Radio-Canada

Table ronde sur la mode post-pandémique

Gabrielle Sabourin de l'émission À échelle humaine se demande si les codes vestimentaires ont changé depuis le début de la pandémie. Est-ce que le style décontracté sera appelé à intégrer davantage nos milieux de travail? Comment définir une allure professionnelle? Elle discute également d’écoresponsabilité avec ses deux invitées : Danielle Martin, professeure adjointe en design de mode et direction créative à l'Université métropolitaine de Toronto, et Bernie Gracieuse, styliste de mode et créatrice de con

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Spotlight on Black Creatives | Table Talks

Unilearnal's very first round table discussion. Created something to provide black creatives with a safe space to share what they do, who they are and give a platform to black creatives in Ottawa. Join the conversation about the experiences of Black creatives and watch them share and connect through their stories.

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Creative Network Spotlight: Bernie Gracieuse

'...This is a hard question, but to put it simply, I want to work with people who inspire me. From artists like Alexander Nate, Chloe x Bailey, James Vickery, Lous and, The Yakuza, and so many more. The best part about styling for me is the conversations I have with people. I want to style people I would want to sit down, have a meal with, and have a conversation with...'

- Bernie Gracieuse

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KINGBERNIEE: Fashion Passion

'...Honestly, with whatever I do, I would like to encourage people to create, love and reject fear more. Doing these things have literally changed my life and having people tell me that this simple sentence ‑ ‘Art and love over fears, always’ has impacted them just makes me feel like I am doing something right...'

- Bernie Gracieuse

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