The feminine urge 

To create 

To destroy

To overthink 

To react

To be taken care of last 

To be impulsive 

To romanticize your existence 

To desire romance

To write letters 

To steal sweaters

To hoping one day you’ll receive flowers 

To give women compliment showers 

To pursue beauty although it is pain

To fall for love bombing

To be cautious of love 

To reject attention

To crave affection

To get undressed in front of the mirror

To be lusted after 

To carry a soft touch

To grab his neck when you hug him

To crave the soft touch you gave others

To give little weight to your abuse

To forgive him

To not forgive yourself

To forget him

To over explain yourself 

To criticize yourself 

To hold eye contact

To be starred at

To stand tall

To wither away

To pray

To get excited to give

To be anxious of receiving 

To carry your mother’s suffering 

To be a healer in need of healing

To becoming your mother 

To be chaos in the middle of stillness

To be still in the middle of chaos

To find meaning in the nothing

To be everything